I scored a faulty 2015 iMac for free and fixed it, now I have my first Mac for quite a while. It's got a very nice screen, got to say.

I worked as a field service tech for Apple gear back in 2010-ish, and was a OS X Server sysadmin for a couple years before that. Heavily into OS X desktop management basically from the moment it existed.

So I've got the fundamentals down ... but I guess I'm quite a few years out date. Can't have changed that much right? :awesome:

The last time I had a Mac, the mouse wheel still worked the right way by default.

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@mike that's the first setting i immediately change when i get a new mac

@belljar I still don't know what the fuck they were thinking there.

@mike @belljar It works ok on a trackpad but it’s just dumb on a mouse. There was a little menu bar addon called ScrollReverser which would reverse only trackpad but not mouse. Very useful.

@futzle @mike @belljar watching people who primarily compute on a phone use a laptop/desktop clarified this decision for me

@mike @belljar it’s fine n trackpads, but for mice it’s painful.

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