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It's time for a re-, since my old account was deleted from existence.

I'm a filthy social justice warrior who isn't afraid to share their opinions on things.

I'm an of some variety, I'm not exactly sure yet as I'm not exactly well read on these things, it might take me some time yet to figure it out.

I'm and , which is a real drag. Analog clocks are the worst.

I also talk about mental health issues such as and .


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If you come roaring into a thread to defend Nazis, you'd better present a bloody good argument that hasn't been heard hundreds of times before, or I'm going to assume you're defending them because you sympathise with or are in fact a Nazi yourself.

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Bite my entire ass! Go legally brain dead from lack of oxygen from choking on my entire ass!

They used to be made of metal, and balanced, you could move the mouse and the scroll wheel would stay in its place.

Now however they're made of cheap unbalanced plastic.

So every time I move the mouse after scrolling, it randomly scrolls what I'm looking at, often to the point where what I was looking at is no longer on the screen.

I had this problem when I first purchased this mouse, and now it's doing it again because I'm an idiot and cleaned the gunk off the mouse wheel.


If you're not familiar with non-gaming Logitech mice, they often come with a mouse wheel that scrolls until the inertia runs out.

This is really handy for skimming through large documents/source code really fast.

However at some point Logitech cheaped out on their mouse wheels.


Sebastian Gorka? More like Sebastian Orca!

It's remarkable that even as we have a POTUS that is literally saying he's a nationalist, attacks POC everyday with his platform and keeps immigrant children in non livable conditions, white people STILL want to argue it's not racism.

That kind of delusion takes effort.

[fascists approach a diverse* community]

marginalized: close the gates!
privileged: We don't know if that's the best thing to do!

m: they're getting in
p: We can reason with them!

p: Have you tried reasoning with them? They seem reasonable, when we debate them.
m: they're threatening my safety i'm going to leave

p: We're just doing our best
m: i'm leaving

p: Hmm the conflict stopped. Our best must've worked! Go us!

* containing both marginalized and privileged communities within itself.

boost if someone calling you a radical leftist is a compliment

(Rest of the donations from this month are going to a tenant who's brother has developed dementia and been denied social benefits so the tenant is moving them all back in with their mom to try and make things work.)

gab, defederation 

block recommendations 

Very Important, but: death, fascism (corrected) 

They always lament that once these problems have been dealt with, they come back a few years later.

When faced with this inevitability they always shake their heads and say "I don't understand" like that absolves them of thinking critically about it.

You're not going to solve those problems if you don't understand why they occur in the first place.

It's just not good enough.


I love the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, I've been listening for a decade. That said, their refusal to be "political" because it might upset some people is a position they can be comfortable with only due to their extreme privilege.

They are complicit, they refuse to examine the wider scope of society, and instead only focus on individual problems like cancer quackery.


American fascism 

Dear Americans,

Your country is no more free, your politicians no less corrupt, your system no less fallible than any other.

You're all fucked. Please don't take us with you.


How to prevent fascists from taking over, software edition 

ICE Raids - Last Minute Reminder - Keep People Safe If You Can 

List of kiwi farm instances 

I'm upset by @fdroidorg 's decision, but I'm equally upset at their attempt to control the conversation to avoid "discussions getting out of hand."

Please, develop a sense of perspective: you're advocating there's nothing wrong with y'all distributing software that helps people harass others, and wringing your hands about "discussions getting out of hand?" You're facilitating things that will get far more out of hand.


F-Droid has put their privilege behind privilege and decided to permit applications who have decided to exist to benefit oppressive and violent communities, and simultaneously said that "discussion got way out of hand," as though discussing how to genocide people isn't what they're protecting: /that's/ letting a conversation get out of hand, y'all.

Fork the project if you can, use the forks when they're ready. Do not collaborate with those who wish me dead.

Surveillance and parents: child abuse 

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