Hopefully all followers get brought along this time.

Ok, I'm a complete idiot and I'm changing my handle again. I cannot help myself.

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Google's started rejecting updates to the most useful adblocking extension in Chrome, so watch out, things are gonna go downhill *really* fast from here on out. switch back to Firefox now while you have a chance.


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I really want to visit the Gelato stand on Vaci Utca right now. I kinda miss Budapest, I really need to move to Adelaide.


*hearing my own voice in a recording*

Wow, I sound gay as fuck, why did nobody tell me!

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Tonight on mastodon: what if I took what you said, but change some of the words.

If "TERF" was a slur I could still say "TERF" because fuck TERFs, I find that to be perfectly comforting.

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reminder that GitHub is not the only company who gets money for helping perpetuate crimes against people: companies-that-work-with-ice.c #NoTechForICE

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