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In the grand tradition that has been established on this site for eons and eons....

It's my birthday, please give me boosts.

@mitra and I saw the latest star wars film this evening.

I have to say we did quite enjoy it.

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can congresspeople legally battle each other to the death

I don't like Wednesdays.

Had to get up too early, but stuff is done.

medical whining. 

So when I last saw the neurologist, he mentioned a small tumour.

The haphazard way he mentioned it was horrible.

I don't know if I should be worried, or not.

It's been a long couple fo weeks.

Tired and annoyed.

And fun with a MRI tomorrow =)

whee go me.

Medical Stuff 

So, I had an MRI a little bit ago. And the other day I saw the neurologist.

And casually he tells me I have a benign tumour.

And I need to have another MRI with contrast, so they can be sure.

I kinda want out right now. I'm having trouble with the last couple of years.

At least my asthma is under control now.

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Honestly I just wish the quiet Australians would shut the fuck up for a bit

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In Blade Runner we were promised giant unethical tech companies ruining everything, instead we got giant unethical tech companies ruining everything.

Woken up by the rain. Even though it’s early it’s fine.

I love the sound of rain.

now listening to:

Far Side of Crazy

Wall of Voodoo

I love this song so much, if my throat was feeling better I'd be yelling out the lyrics.

NB: yelling vs singing as singing is not something I can do.

health and psych stuff (ranty) (warning some discussion of SI) 

needless to say I've been unemployed since May.

My mood is not good, and bad urges return.

Thankfully I do not smoke anymore so my old method of burning myself is out.

And I've trimmed my nails short so I won't scratch at my skin.

I just feel so worthless right now.

It could be a result of the anesthetic, and I'll be fine tomorrow.

but right now I feel really bad.

I just want something to go right for a change.

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health and psych stuff (ranty) 

I just can't seem to catch a break over the last two years.

I had a major breakdown last year, that had me hospitalised for over 8 weeks at Albert Road Clinic.

Then I return to work and get made redundant (this is most likely illegal but I don't have the strength to fight such things.)

At least a few days I pick up another job fairly shortly after.

Unfortunately, my asthma starts getting worse (it had been bad for a year or so at this point.)

So multiple hospitalisations, for this.

Then I start getting fits at work, the Neurologist I see medicates me for this and this partially helps)

Athough multiple hospitalisations for epilepsy and Asthma continue.

Then I get told about Nucala the monoclonal antibody that will cure my asthma (this is late Feb this year.)

unfortunately my lungs are still too good.

then I break down again, and end up at Albert Road clinic again for 4 weeks this time.

Once out, I get made redundant again. (Again Illegal but I just don't have the will power)

Note I'm still having fits at this time. While reduced they never go away.

So after a few more hospitalisations I'm unwell enough to get Nucala.

This seems to cure my asthma, and still to this day I've not had to take any Ventolin since the shots started.

Now this month, My gallbladder attacks me.

Pain like nothing on earth.

Can I have a year without sickness please.

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hello mastodon idk what to do with my first “”””toot”””” so here is a picture of my cat, mae, in her halloween costume. let’s be pals. thank you.

medical stuff 

I was feeling okay yesterday, but now in so much pain and stuff.

sorry for the whining.

hospital stuff (pic with ec) 

Feeling much better today, and should be able to go home hopefully.

The reduction in pain is amazing like dull aches now instead of stabbing pains.

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The only way that asexuality is ever going to be accessible to the most marginalized in our community is if we stop trying to define the crap out of it and just accept the fact that different people are going to experience it in different ways and that it's okay.

I really dislike the firewall here.

I can bypass most of it, but mastodon breaks in interesting ways.

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