Went out for drinks with an ex who is a close friend who I’ve not seen for years.

The night was good.

Then I found out that a close friend Kahl who I’d not seen for ages. Had passed.

I don’t know how to process this.

Unfortunately the shock caused a fit.

But my friend took me home even though she lives on the other side of the city.

True friends are hard to find. I must makes sure I don’t cut people out of my life like I have.

I’ll remember Kahl fondly. His art was amazing.

@dolldolldoll if it's who I think it is, I didn't know him but am two degrees separated. I went to his memorial and it was absolutely packed.

@koosli it was Kahl Schrodl (spelling)

due to really bad depression I cut myself off from the world.

And right now I'm trying to restore contacts.

@dolldolldoll yeah that's him.

Strength to you for reconnecting <3

@koosli it's been hard, reconnecting with people after so long.

But it has been worthwhile

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