ktxby brings up a very good point though. #WhyAreYouHere? Personally I'm here because it's where my friends are and it's friendlier space away from twitter and that has value to me.

Taryn said to me that she left because she doesn't want to join a community. which sounds weird to me? I don't understand why you wouldn't want to join a community.

I think maybe the answer for her is to maybe self host like she does her email.

Why was she here? to build her personal brand? who knows, she's left



it's quiet, and the community is better than the other place.

And people trying to build a personal brand here? odd.

@dolldolldoll I was just guessing - what I find funny is that she’s the director for voterchoice.com.au and got pissed because I’m trying to give people more choice

@dolldolldoll Ivy? You're here? Hi! Long time no ... well anything I guess.

@mike Hi, now which Mike are you? ;) I think I know.

@dolldolldoll I've always thought of myself as definitive. 😀

Projects like The Receptacle come to mind, if we're looking for unambiguous links though!

I knew it was you because recognised your username from somewhere, but it's all so hazy now heh.

@mike Then It's the Mike I'm thinking of :)

It's odd I know way to many Mikes.

@dolldolldoll more than one Mike is generally considered excessive, it's true.

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