guitar stuff. 

Fitted a filtertron style pickup in the neck position of my telecaster.

It really gives that Chet Atkins style tone.

guitar stuff. 

Now that I’m working again I bought myself a couple of new guitars.

I’ve replaced the electronics in both. The strat now has the modern wiring. So I can control the tone on the neck pickup.

With the Telecaster, I’ve modded the wiring, to be able to use both pickups either in parallel or series.

Lots of fun.

stuff and things 

Hannah is in hospital, I really hope this time it works.

I've just been so worn out.

I'll be happy when this year is over.

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I’m in one of my mazes. Where I need to hear every version of a song.

One other thing.

While my guitar gently weeps, is the only song by the Beatles that had an external guitarist.

That being Eric Clapton.

The solo is just amazing.

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With every mistake we mushy surly be learning…

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The Beatles have this emotion that always touches me. For every emotion there is a Beatles song to match.

It’s almost 40 years since John was taken from us.

But just a blink of an eye in the scheme of things.

Also George, it seems just like yesterday.

I have so much emotion invested in the Beatles

They are eternal to me.

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I feel cut off from the universe today. So insulari.

It it’s these times I retreat into something that makes me feel again.

The Beatles.

Like how did they do so much harmonically amazing music for the short period of their recording period.

I need out.

I want the lockdown to end.

I know it’s needed, even I can travel to an empty office.

But I need people. I need out. This thing is fucking with my head.

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i may or may not have knitted a tail warmer for a cat who had his tail shaved for an operation. accusations are unfounded at this stage

Final thoughts. 

Oh and one more thing.

If you polish the paint like one would do a car.

It makes the guitar kinda slippy.

But the cream white acrylic looks beautiful.

Final Guitar bits, And thoughts, 

There's still a few things I need to do with this guitar.

firstly I want to replace the tuners with either grover, or hipshot locking tuners.

As it has a wrap around bridge, I'd like to replace it with something that I can adjust the intonation.

I have to thank the lockdown for this,

I'm playing guitar again, and getting my fingers working again.

Kinda want to form a band.

Other things if people want to do this sorta thing give me a yell as there are some tricky things that can catch you out,

The finished Guitar. 

This is it the finished product.

A LP junior clone with a DiMarzio Double Whammy pickup.

Still need to replace the pots.

Guitar Stuff again 

Here you can see the refinishing process.

Instead of removing the original finish we sanded it back and filled areas that needed. For example as I removed the bridge bushing, some of the original finish cracked and came away.

The other pictures show the body covered in undercoat.

Even more guitar stuff. 

The weird thing is the brand.

Maestro by Gibson.

Epiphone doesn't get this level of treatment.

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