yey will be out Sunday =)

and brain is getting better

<3 to everyone

I hate this, I'm back in hospital again. (psych stay)

sometimes I feel like all I do is whinge.

I also miss Paul Hester. He always gave me time to talk about the drums is crowded house. A man so sweet and gentle I wish you said something mate I miss you

I have a request. If anyone has DAAS doing through your arms around me?

I need it.

Paul had a voice like an angel.

I even forgive him for been a chaser

I miss Freddie Mercury so much.

The world would be a better place with him still here.

Just remember fuck Ronald Reagan

I’ve managed to waste so much time with emulating the Amiga.

So I’ve configured an Amiga 1200 with a MC68020 that is reporting it’s clock speed as around 5GHz. So much fun.

One weird thing, Hannah and I sometimes to each other.

One of us will have a UNIX issue, and we'll start talking to the other.

Maybe sending some textiles or logs.

But in the end without prompting Hannah or I will get the resolution.

Just something I noticed this evening

Two hours and one minute on hold then they hung up on me.

The thing is they for some reason think I would have used Centrelink services. And would have paperwork with my customer number.

The fun thing is the only time I was on benifits was over 25 years ago.

And the name it’s under is my dead name.

And that’s why I can’t put in a claim.

Because it has to go up to a higher level.

One of those bongs one doesn’t think about when one transitions.

Finally home again. As much as I love my parents, I’m very happy to be back home.

Today was the first day when I felt like I had energy.

But noticed a couple of things post surgery.

My sight has got better. (The tumour was pushing into an optic nerve)

Cognition seems to have got better. I’m not repeating myself all the time.

I’m so glad it’s done.

Well on the mend, and starting to feel better.

Hey and a good thing my sight got better =)

still feel like sleeping all day though.

medical stuff 

Hopefully this is it. Had a tumour removed. But yey 27 new piercings.

yesterday was an amazing day and a very sad day.

Went out for drinks with an ex who is a close friend who I’ve not seen for years.

The night was good.

Then I found out that a close friend Kahl who I’d not seen for ages. Had passed.

I don’t know how to process this.

Unfortunately the shock caused a fit.

But my friend took me home even though she lives on the other side of the city.

True friends are hard to find. I must makes sure I don’t cut people out of my life like I have.

I’ll remember Kahl fondly. His art was amazing.

Medical stuff 

Hey I'm gonna be stuck in hospital for 4 days for an EEG thing.

I'll be at Monash Clayton, If people can visit, that would be wonderful.

As I'm gonna be stuck in a room where I can't leave.

Psych and Medical stuff 

I've had a rough time over the last couple of weeks.

It appears that my seizures are psychogenic seizures.

but will need some monitoring to find out for sure.

now for the fun part;

I have a tumour in my head, it's apparently benign, but it's th size of a grape.

It will need to be removed.

I'm sorry I just so fucking scared.

Fear is not fun.

And my nightmares have returned.

there is a hole in my heart.

and I know what I need to do now.

I need to talk with G-d a little more.

sometime I wonder if I can do this much longer

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A royal commission into the bushfires hey scummo, how about a royal commission into you're fucking incompetence


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"Hell is other people."

I see that Sartre worked retail.

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