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gender is a scam made up by the fashion industry to sell more different types of clothing

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"Hell is other people."

I see that Sartre worked retail.

at least I have a decent mask which means I can go outside. but I feel so damn worn out.

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Boost if you're:

Nobody will know which one

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If Australia's PM loves coal so much why doesn't he sleep in a fucking furnace with it

fuck this smoke

my lungs can't take this.

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Sounds like shit is very grim out in the east of Victoria. Wonder where the PM is going to go on holiday this weekend? I hope it's somewhere nice.

the fires in my state are insane.

I'm really on edge, I've got to find a way to relax.


is an article about the last lot of state wide fires

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If there's a supervillain group called "The Brotherhood of Evil Gays" would you join it

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anyway we're going into 2020 and now more than ever in our lives, please let me encourage you: now is the time to just go completely goddamned hogwild with whatever your Thing is. doesn't matter if anybody else gets it, that ain't the point. just Do You; we're literally approaching the first major Cyberpunk Year from like every sleazy early-mid-90s RPG splatbook and now is not the time to be coy about self-identity.

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opened IG to post some holiday photos at the dinner table and the first post on the screen was a scantily clad pin up model that i adore

mom saw it and leaned over to look and asked, "Who is that? She's cute. DM her."


Christmas and Stress 

survived Christmas.

overdid it and am now broke oh well

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The most heroic psyop in human history was when a handful of Jewish composers in the 1940's got sick of being bombarded by songs about Jesus every time they tried to leave their homes in December so they wrote a bunch of schlock about snow and glowing wildlife and miraculously it worked.

It's still annoying but...

Advice needed. Trigger warning deals with sexual assault. 

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