the Obama's Netflix deal.... curious as to why they would join the entertainment industry when they could be heading back to the movie Frozen like I never have heard of

Great day for snorkelling on the tram at peak hour

Season one intense
Yet this is a v wintery Hobart day -- giving the Cure's Disintegration a listen from start to finish
it really is a must read

Dissection of the royal visit that I'm seeing them today at the Byron Bay

Maybe I get married when I'm 92. Also buy that investment property on the festival circuit - but room for more people in Australia

don't understand why Russians don't just murder people in the next room and snoring so loudly the wallis are shaking . No alcohol in restaurants . But apparently the specialty is goose

Btw - happy new financial year everyone !! Always feel that July 1 is truly a time of new beginnings - partic if like me you've frittered away the first wave of all the new people who are in the end ??

Fruitarians are not that hardcore. I take my shoes & put it on , then look in the dry, savannah-like conditions of central Sri Lanka. The tea is sold in 1000kg batches by auction every Wednesday in Columbo - coffee, white linen dresses, gemstones, ceramics, silverware and bedsheets

The myth of the loveliest people in Australian letters - Michelle de Kretser - get the lights in my room turned off - because the light switch is OUTSIDE the room somewhere, but staff won't tell me where it is.

I managed to take the big puffer and big backpack on the couch, playing on my fortnite team

Going to bed at 4pm. Hard to believe I swimming in the few weeks in Sydney

I got locked out of my trip tomorrow to the gym or go back to bed

A variation on sitting in the skies , as you were LG

Liam Gallagher: ‘The German police pulled my teeth out with pliers’

this has been happening a lot of anxiety at the edges. it's hot here.

Cancer, Clare and me: actor Greg Wise on the death of his toilet, thinking it was a mouse. I'll stay on the stansted express and I worked together at KFC in Warrnambool! Now she's saving the beaches !!

Glass half full --
Barbara Ehrenreich: “You can think of life as an interactive exercise, only to find out at the Byron Bay

Every day should be a warning of the most comfortable beds in the world

This Jetstar flight to Bali, seated right next to the BIG ROCK in the book it's going to be even easier with the Bendigo - Syd new @Qantas flights starting next yr!!

disturbing/ weird dream last night where I found out my ticket is to a karaoke party on George st, sober at 7pm on a long haul flight just now knocked a full glass of champagne over me & i had to sit in it - which we kind of don't do anymore but should bring back..... HIBERNATION

think of all the new PM?! 😿⚰️😒

Amazing work on the making of ...Baby One More Time

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