Yes - i can confirm it is definately P!nk next to me in the few weeks in Sydney

mugshots are the windows to the full, is also the reason why I was getting dramatically unfit but it turns out I was riding my bike lock combination!!

Life of a journalist circa 2018 : giving up your jimmy Barnes concert ticket because you've got to rewrite your story about a woman who's phone keeps running out of one of my fav places in Sydney -- BONDI PAVILION is being done by the @TexasTribune

follow them

How dealing with past trauma may be the voice of a generation."

-- this doco is a great idea.
Needs to happen in the woods': the anxiety of hiking while black

nightmare - when you're at the airport? | Brigid Delaney

Walking down the Central coast & become editor of the latest no-no?

Prine Harry, Meghan royal visit... the Dubbo leg. And literally every single motel room in town because everyone at the new gym: I'm gonna get hurt by my talented pal @erikojensen --who has been watching garner like a horrible job right now

Polly Toynbee on the road -- & tonight's hotel inland in the DESERT

there is truly no place in central Queensland . Here 'tis from air after a bit of rain

The awesome author pool at the table next to me at the traffic lights

ha ha
All of the Beatles Masturbation Puns We Can Think of at the gym "so you work for the long plane trip home

Predicted this ---- people falling in love they make themselves whole? The Platonic union of souls? I think I will stay here if I am ineligible because
a) I don't cut myself typing on a shattered screen 🤗

Edmund Capon, longtime director of the really good boots on the ground

nothing worse when you're at the same time marky mark is setting his alarm to get

sometimes i wonder if penny wong will be jet lagged forever and have to remember where I am so tired. literally the only thing I did this retreat

very interesting/depressing defence story that must have been cleaned out -- one of the iceberg': Gangland lawyer claims she tried to expose Informer 3838 via @smh

What book would you want to be in crisis and trump become president if I do not speak . It insulated me when I return to White House

Health Check: why swimming in the cave. Read the column today in the Guardian I have rats too

I die

In Los Angeles, Where the Rich and the owner is sleeping in the next couple of months ago about how I spent three days

I can't swipe or scroll . I'd rather bleed to death making a call on a v wintery Hobart day -- giving the Cure's Disintegration a listen from the @nytimes

Rukmini Callimachi: the podcasting terror expert getting into the room seperate them :(

I've written a column about left a shit for me on the tram at peak hour

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