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it's cool to see an influx of new mastodon users from !

i've seen a few posts here and there but i'm looking forward to seeing some more folks on the feed

i have a keep cup. its very useful, it keeps all my pens and such in one place on my desk

graphql is cool and all but i wish it integrated a bit more naturally with typescript

sometimes i'm absolutely floored by how incompetent management can limit the success of a business

i see some of the business decisions made at [employer] and i wonder how we're a market leader for our industry

friday feeling like wednesday. ominous vibes

huge fucking lol at the sudden outpouring of "don't shit on boomers, some of us are poor" because one millennial wrote a news article about the OK Boomer phenomenon

like it or not working class boomers, you are representative of the mindset of your generation, as much as i am personally responsible for the uptick in smashed avo purchases.

use the criticism of boomers to change how you think and behave (like you keep telling us to do) and grow a backbone instead of complaining that someone was mean to your generation online

[showing a picture of a guy in a richmond pub] that's me in the corner

[showing a picture of a guy discovering atheism in a fabric store] that's me in the spotlight, losing my religion

i love our national culture of making stuff up to take the piss out of foreigners. drop bears, thick spread vegemite with no butter, the existence of any part of australia west of the victorian border, etc.

luigi's mansion 3 is very cute. you have a ghost dog and luigi says "puppy!" very often

every time it rains i feel bad for the falcon fledglings. i hope they aren't too soggy

i could deal with having a wisdom tooth erupt if i didn't also feel the need to poke or prod it every five seconds. it's sore :(

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i want to play the hideo game but its not out until the 8th
i will strand all the deaths

i used to be the registrant for - i regret letting that one lapse before i learned about the fediverse

i'm paying for a bunch of servers that i should really spin down but also ... i'm very lazy

new steam library ui looks like absolute trash

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what is the plural of twix? one twix, two...

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