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does it bother anyone else that the months that are named after numbers are the wrong number?

sept-ember is the 9th month
oct-ober is the 10th month
nov-ember is the 11th month
dec-ember is the 12th month

whats with that

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i think possibly the best thing about the fediverse is that if you want to change something about your instance, you can either ask your admin or go spin your own one up.

nice to be able to make whatever small quality of life changes you'd like without having to get it through into everyone else's instances too

took me long enough but i finally pinned the federated timeline to my homepage - great way to find new people to follow!

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took me a while to come around to react context but i'm really getting into it! redux see you later!

guess who accidentally slept in until 3pm today 🙋‍♂️ will be down for maintenance for about 5 minutes 👷 🚧

i'm tired of living in a world where nobody gives a shit

i wanna make an app but i have no app ideas :(

re-reading my way through stephen king's dark tower series. i'm up to wizard and glass, and urgh, it's so long. too too long

it's a real shame that they don't pay people to annoy other people. i would make absolute bank doing that job

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