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ruby ruby ruby ruby (aaAAaa)
do ya do ya do ya do ya (aaAAaa)
wanna wanna wanna install quickly (naAAah)

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turns out mastodon is on 3.1.4 while is on 3.1.2, so i will be doing some upgrades over the next 15 mins or so. we'll be back shortly 👷 🚧

every time i listen to a new audiobook, it opens with "this is audible"

and i think to myself, "well i bloody well hope so." every time.

i always really enjoy the process of making a reduction print and watching it come together. the only downside is that i use oil inks which take a couple of days to dry. i'm 2 layers into my current print and impatient to keep going!!

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getting back into linocut printing after a couple of years (eep!) of not having the motivation. all my inks were too dry to use so had to order a bunch more

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Me: hello! Where are the Maglite torches?

Zoomer employee: oh, do you mean magnetic torches?

is it possible to subscribe to another instance's federated timeline? that'd be cool

i thought my hosting provider was down but it turns out it was just my vpn. phew!

sometimes people on here cw the weirdest/most innocuous shit

i'm looking forward to when everything isn't so much, all the time

they somehow fired all the people that used to work there *and* overstaff it at the same time

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they converted the bp near me into a david jones petrol station, and it's awful. just terrible


so they couldn't report on it for months when he was found guilty, but they make sure we all know the second his conviction is quashed. try and tell me that this country isn't a pedophile's paradise

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OH: "I know this Corona Virus stuff is scary, but I just want Henry Kissinger to die. I don’t care how."

upsides to removing tags on my gate and fence: no shitty tags on my gate and fence

downsides: graffiti remover melts my gloves and so my hands are covered in spray paint residue

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we regret to inform you that snuggles.cute has casus belli with delicatepetals.soft

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