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you can have your own little "butlerian jihad" by getting drunk and throwing alexa in the trash

the federated timeline goes off sometimes. kind of like watching a distant star supernova

react navigation v5 is so much better than v4. functional component and hook support, better interaction between the navigator and the screens, what more could you want 😍

is there anything more encouraging than a compliment from the dentist? my gums are strong and i feel great

is it just me or is the hardest part of UI design picking the right colours for your app

hello everyone will be down for approx. 5 mins due to maintenance 🚧 👷

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I really dig seeing so many Australian Mastodon instances in my feed...

Melb.Social / / / /

did craig david ever figure out what that person's flavour was

yarn 1: the javascript developers friend
yarn 2: nobody asked for any of this

that, and, the pedestrian really reminded me of the witness

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downloading the witness again because apparently i'm a masochist for puzzles

on the other hand though, i'm on book 9 of the wheel of time series and what tv could be better than this

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the only downside to listening to lots of audiobooks instead of bingeing netflix is missing out on tv chat with people at work

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i missed the hottest 100, because i slept in til 2 and then forgot

does triple j have a mastodon presence? i like following them on hottest 100 day

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