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bin with a crossed out syringe (NO SHARPS) next to a bin with a crossed out joint (NO BLUNTS)

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Which direction does your icon face?

Please boost for highest possible demographic :)

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i don't think you're ready for this belly

my life sucks. it would be nice if it got a bit better

smells like smoke in the air today. stay safe everyone, hope you've got masks

cursed auspol 

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If Australia's PM loves coal so much why doesn't he sleep in a fucking furnace with it

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Swearing, auspol 

all this smoke in the air is giving my asthma a tough time

i don't like replying to randos in the federated timeline but i do like voting in their polls

another normal day on the forums, time to take a big sip of water

i wish harambe were still alive to end the decade with us 🦍

looks like noted lgbtq ally margret court is on her bullshit again

pretty sure i lost a few weeks worth of local code i didn't bother committing/pushing. oh well, i can write it all again

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