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pretty sure i lost a few weeks worth of local code i didn't bother committing/pushing. oh well, i can write it all again

thankfully they didn't take anything irreplaceable but it's still a bit jarring to have your space invaded like that.

someone broke into my place and stole a bunch of my stuff, including my work bag with both laptops and some sweet headphones, and the speaker mum bought me for christmas. happy holidays

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@VictoriaBotter the guerrilla swims in the sea of the people, but a hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer

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You can get it rushing
You can get it brushing
You can get it aiding a mao
Matter of fact I've got it now

am i getting a cold on this, the lord's christmas day

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Just found a dude on gmaps whose thing seems to be writing erudite and extremely specific reviews of Hong Kong public toilets

i should stop spending so much of my time at home playing video games, i should be doing hobby stuff instead, or coding personal projects. i'm lazy though 😔

i spilled bong water all over my tiles. a shameful belljar

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Excuse me but "Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg won’t talk to the Guardian. So we fed everything he says into an algorithm, built a Zuckerbot, and interviewed it" has got to be the best take.

three day week this week, but i'm still hanging out for some proper time off. i don't even know what i would do, but sometimes the grind of going to work 5 days a week ad infinitum wears you down

migrated my entire server across to centos web panel. really seamless!

you can tell that cwp was written by linux enthusiasts (lol) but the important part is that it is a functional replacement for cPanel, and i can stop paying the hefty licensing fees that they introduced a few months ago

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I reckon Tim Minchin will be the first of my generation to go full Leunig

just watched episode 9 - it was really good! really incredible how they were able to pull it off and stick the landing

just finished watching stars war 1-8 over the last week or so. i'm nice and caught up so i think i will go see episode 9 today

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