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what is the plural of twix? one twix, two...

i'm seeing a lot of people rate the outer worlds highly, but i'm finding it quite flat and empty myself.

is it just because i just finished playing disco elysium, and no other rpg could even come close?

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stuck in meetings from 10:30 straight through til 2:30pm. send a tanker of coffee

it's weird that despite only being a fraction of a week, monday morning is somehow the longest part of it

send coffee :confutoot:

i think a good mastodon feature would be the ability for users to make emoji requests. either copy from another instance or via upload

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Hey if you think Mastodon 3.0.1 should not display unread notifications in the title bar by default, go here and give the issue your 👍

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It is important to me to note that early in Mastodon's life, showing the number of unread notifications was considered an antipattern and users were vocally pleased that Mastodon DIDN'T do this.

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i really need to go to the supermarket but i keep forgetting. it will be hard to forget when i'm out of loo paper

"and when i get that feeling, i want hexual ceiling (hexual *ceiling*)"

- a bee 🐝, building a beehive 🍯, probably

i figure you'd need to hook one of the boonta people and their mates, then the others would flock over

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how do we get more australian folks to migrate from the bird site over to here? all the bird site users i know refuse to leave because of all the extremely online people and celebrities

i'm really, *really* getting into disco elysium

me: maybe i should replace redux with react context in this app that is redux'd to fuck and back
me, 5 minutes later: why did i decide to do this

can't tell if its just iOS 13 that suddenly sucks or if its something else but i seem to just not be getting notifications of emails for a few days at a time, until i open the app.

thankfully nothing critical but jeez. will be down for maintenance for about 5 minutes 👷 🚧

does it bother anyone else that the months that are named after numbers are the wrong number?

sept-ember is the 9th month
oct-ober is the 10th month
nov-ember is the 11th month
dec-ember is the 12th month

whats with that

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