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Congrats to the FastMail folks for helping modernize and secure email comms for the 21st century.

We’re making email more modern with JMAP

The specifications for JMAP Email have been published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), marking a big victory for email tools now and in the future.

i went to the dentist this morning, got a filling in. now half my mouth is numb and doing absolutely anything is weird

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had to get a bump removed from my back today. now lying in bed putting pressure on the stitches 😱

hopefully the thing's benign but i'll find out next week

reading (listening? it's an audiobook) a book by china mieville called "perdido street station", it's really really good. i don't usually read weird fiction but i really enjoyed "the city and the city" by china and decided to read the rest of his stuff.

my stomach has never lurched so much from an audiobook before, the visuals are incredible. can't put it down (pause it? it's an audiobook)

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i'm not sure if the writer of this guardian piece is having a stroke or sending a secret message. either way where is the sub editor??

the guy who lives next to me has a dog with terrible separation anxiety, and howls frequently when her owner leaves her behind.

he doesn't do anything about it because it doesn't affect him (since, ya know, he's not there when it happens) but there's only so much that i can do to assuage her by poking my nose through the gap in the fence and calling her name.

i just feel sad for the dog who is stressed out and howling every day because her owner just doesn't care enough to help her

one of the biggest problems with our approach to positive initiatives like reducing water consumption, fighting climate change, proper recycling etc. is that the onus is always placed entirely on the end user/private citizen

if you work in basically any industry for more than a couple of years, you can see that you can't trust people to do things properly, if at all

we'll never get to a great recycling target, reduce or reverse climate change, or see improvements in our water usage if we don't target the producers of things that harm the world

why put the responsibility on the individual to save the world, when we can regulate the production of the things that damage it in the first place

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the future isn't too great, but at least i can reply to a coworker telling the office they're sick with a gif of richard nixon wiping his nose will be down for maintenance for approx. 5 mins 👷 🚧

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@[email protected] is this a book about urine because with the colour of the water in this picture it looks like a very warm tide indeed

friday arvo. 30 mins til hometime. every second lasting one month, every minute a goddamn eternity

auspol, aps, freedom of speech, etc 

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I'd like to share a short lesson based on my experience working with computers for a couple of decades or so.

1) Don't ever put all the screws back in until you know it's working.

2) Putting all the screws in will stop something from working.

trying to convince react native that i do actually want to talk to servers with self signed certificates when they're our internal servers, and not just reject their responses out of hand

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