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the lack of webserver i can deal with since i'm mostly using docker/nginx instead of apache these days, but i like self hosting emails for the various domains i have and my webhosting background makes using cPanel/WHM easy.

guess it's time for me to look into self hosted email servers. anyone know any good (preferably ) imap/smtp servers?

today's bad news, is changing its licencing structure from per-machine to per-account

so instead of paying $15/mo for unlimited accounts, i now only get one (1) account for that price

time to figure out where i'm going to move my email hosting to because i'm going to shut down my server. i won't stand for this extortion.


they are fun. it takes a few weeks before you stop looking at any problem and think "yeah, gonna heat gun that one."

for example, mum said she'd rather go to the dentist's to get her tooth fixed.

i bought a heat gun to melt stuff today from bunnings and now i'm just walking around chanting "heat gun. heat gun. heat gun"

this is the future

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"We share because we care"

🌲Please consider the environment before sending this email

This email including any attachments may contain confidential information for the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient please contact the sender and delete all copies of th

i've been playing far too much fire emblem this weekend. it's too fun!

i wrote a thing on making a change to your instance's max character limit. if you did it differently or have feedback on how i could do it better, that would be greatly appreciated

bbq pork buns: are you supposed to eat the paper?

my computer's wifi card wants to play silly buggers with me today. rebooted the modem twice before i thought about rebooting the pc

i was talking to some guy who was from a place where "frowning" exclusively meant furrowing of the brows, and would get confused at phrases like "turn that frown upside down"

i asked him what word they had instead of "frown" where they were from, and he said he didn't know

incredible jackie lambie story from a fellow auspol tragic: "I may have told this story before but my mum professed to me at a family gathering she really liked Lambie and thought she was great and hilarious.

It turned out mum wasn't paying much attention to the tv the first time she saw Lambie and thought she was an elaborate ABC political satire character. Finding out this was not the case was devastating for her."

When did everyone start using the expression "save the date" and when will they stop

Victorian Labor MP Will Fowles hulked out and kicked the shit out of a door because it was withholding his precious luggage. i hope this temper tantrum throwing child resigns from his position

hooting and hollering at someone related to politics fucking up. politics is back baby

looks like i'm having a hsp pizza somehow 😔 i was hoping the internet would decide definitively for me! might have to just flip a coin

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