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The original "World Wide Web" was the third #program written for the internet. It was lost forever when a critical server was unplugged by a #janitor while vacuuming.

This cannot happen again as today there are always at least three copies of the #web maintained at all times, and #server hosting facilities are never cleaned.

that smell of burning dust as i finally give in and turn the heater on for the first time this year

i honestly can't imagine doing this job, let alone under these conditions, there are a ton of folks out there that are way more giving than i could ever be. i walk out of underpaid and undervalued jobs pretty quickly

Me: walks user through a procedure to restore a backup. Screen is now completely blank apart from a single dialog box with the text "Completed Successfully" and an "OK" button.

User (to me): Did it work? What do I do now?

thought about chucking a sickie today but we're having nachos at work


man i am not happy with how these seat tallies are showing... so much for my bloodbath

vote: cast ✅
democracy sausage: acquired and consumed ✅

israel folau sacked for his homophobic social media posts. should have been same day but glad we finally got this outcome. goodbye forever you homophobic sack of shit

Death, Auspol 

one of my least favourite things about iOS 12 is that for some reason after i do a face id unlock, any taps i do on the lower half of the screen still go to an invisible keyboard, instead of the app i want to open

been searching high and low for a sample tsconfig.json (i usually steal one from the other repos at work)

turns out you can just do `tsc -init` doh

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