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why the hell would anyone want to make a mastodon fork that removes the ability to report people

one of my favourite things about mastodon is seeing all the toots from servers with neat names

avengers endgame is really fuckin good

fake tuesday/friday? i don't know what day it is but i've got some good ass hip hop on so its gonna be a good day

turns out opening the relevant ports on the firewall sure helps

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tried changing the docker-compose.yml file to bind to instead of for the containers, but still having the same issue. it's like the docker containers are in their own world

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it looks like the containers are working, but i can't connect to them at all from the host (connection reset by peer) and i don't know how to fix that

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it's driving me nuts, if i can't get a throwaway instance set up, how am i going to move to docker? do i even want to?

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i've been trying to get mastodon on docker going for the better part of three hours today, for a test domain. i simply can't get it to work. nginx keeps throwing 502 and docker is reporting 2 of the containers are unhealthy

i always forget how annoying it is when chrome caches old dns entries for way longer than necessary

i've been waiting until the end of this election to get more politics information on here but damn if this campaign doesn't make me want to go live on an island somewhere and wait for climate change to swallow me whole

i'm still not quite sure what keybase is. is it worth using?

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The source code for several Infocom interactive fiction games was published on Github, e.g. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Steve Meretzky and Douglas Adams

changed my back tyre tube, somehow can't get the v brakes to align properly >:(

the trailer for the new star wars film gave me the chills. looking forward to seeing it in december

i keep meaning to move to docker but i keep running into problems getting a docker install working, even for different domains. hopefully i get there eventually

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