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me: i can get away with doing this for now
typescript: oi what do you think you're doing with this awful code matey

first real foray into typescript isn't too bad. wrapping my head around how to type things like objects with unknown keys and functions that return functions.

i'm in the process of typing one of my reducers, and i can see why my coworkers rave about typescript - it really does force you to code better

...forgot to link the react-native libraries >_>

kinda annoying that i have to basically start a new react native project if i want to easily add typescript support. ah well, at least it isn't hard to port over dependencies and the src folder, but i can forsee git having a shitfit

or, are you guaranteed to get statuses in chronological order when sorting by id, considering id is set by the local instance regardless of where the status comes from

i wonder if sorting mastodon statuses by id is any different to sorting them by created_at - if the instance discovers toots outside of chronological order does it assign sequential ids?

this idiot made a grilled cheese sandwich with baked beans and a fried egg inside. it was delicious but boy howdy did i burn the fuck out of my mouth with those nuclear beans

went and updated a bunch of the images and text. hooray not having to look at barnaby's bloody face

you never realise how many moving parts there are in a social media platform until you start trying to make things work

native is a lot of fun, i'm enjoying building a mastodon client using it

"please, commissioner hayne, release my wife and children. i beg you. please"

"compen........sationscheme of lastresort"
frydenberg sounds like there's a gun placed in his lower back


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