"and when i get that feeling, i want hexual ceiling (hexual *ceiling*)"

- a bee 🐝, building a beehive 🍯, probably

@liamvhogan "I told various companies that I did not have council approval and I was told that many people build their sheds without council approval and that it really only mattered if someone complained." staggering

@koosli @mike @pelagikat oh i didn't read the thread. we already know that. carrying on :confutoot:

@koosli @mike @pelagikat i think it says "loss of community arising from larger numbers of houses being up for temp accommodation b/b etc"

It’s surprisingly common to encounter programmers who don’t really do very good work. Whether this is an issue of attitude or talent isn’t always so obvious. The end result in either case is ugly code that does the job. Working software is ultimately the only thing the customer cares about. When software fails, they want it fixed. They don’t question why it fails. They expect it to fail. That’s what computers do, because sloppy software is the norm, not an anomaly.

i figure you'd need to hook one of the boonta people and their mates, then the others would flock over

how do we get more australian folks to migrate from the bird site over to here? all the bird site users i know refuse to leave because of all the extremely online people and celebrities

i'm really, *really* getting into disco elysium

@koosli are you going to try the other two kinds? i remember reading a news article about this a while ago. pretty interesting how it came to be


@mike they even know all of chris walken's moves in weapon of choice

me: maybe i should replace redux with react context in this app that is redux'd to fuck and back
me, 5 minutes later: why did i decide to do this

can't tell if its just iOS 13 mail.app that suddenly sucks or if its something else but i seem to just not be getting notifications of emails for a few days at a time, until i open the app.

thankfully nothing critical but jeez.

auspol.cafe will be down for maintenance for about 5 minutes 👷 🚧

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