@liamvhogan he's back from the grave and he *still* won't pay child support! undead deadbeat dads up next! on sick sad world

got a parking ticket even though i moved my car. now i have to go through the hassle of appealing it or just fork out the $82. parking limit inspector is a job for cruel people with no joy in their lives, too bastardly to be cops

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it would be good if i received a lot of money in exchange for not doing anything

@shlee i really should do that one day. one day...

ruby ruby ruby ruby (aaAAaa)
do ya do ya do ya do ya (aaAAaa)
wanna wanna wanna install quickly (naAAah)

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turns out mastodon is on 3.1.4 while auspol.cafe is on 3.1.2, so i will be doing some upgrades over the next 15 mins or so. we'll be back shortly 👷 🚧

@dadegroot i was just curious since i used to work in the industry, but i only really know the australian providers haha. sad to hear that after so long they weren't able to pull out all the stops to keep you happy

@mike @futzle i don't think they really do anymore. they were a juggernaut of competitor absorption but have sold off most of their business because they were never able to successfully integrate all the different platforms that they took ownership of. a real mess.

@futzle this does not surprise me at all. we got bought out by them and i bailed before it was finalised. absolute shambles of a company

@futzle just out of curiosity, can you let me know who that was? (i used to work in the domain/hosting industry)

@emmadavidson nothing like a bit of egregious plagiarism to start the day

@mike trying to have a shower but failing? whoa, you're half way there

every time i listen to a new audiobook, it opens with "this is audible"

and i think to myself, "well i bloody well hope so." every time.

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