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"The Internet of Beefs" by Venkatesh Rao

Despite the irreverent tone, this is a pretty good breakdown of how social media fights work.

took next week off work. counting down the seconds until friday evening

@MattHatton I keep a column with the fedi timeline open just because it's like a portal to a bizarre world

@futzle i have the thing set where it goes into DND during my normal sleeping hours

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@MattHatton please direct all complaints to the Monsanto corporation

copypasting that rome statute thing has never been funny, even posted ironically

no public holiday this anzac day so i guess the troops can go get fucked

@uxintro i like javascript because it's very flexible and you can program things at basically any level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) with complexity entirely up to you

@mike @matt if you need anyone for bread disposal, my tummy is available

@koosli i really enjoyed it. takes a few different unexpected turns. mieville always makes me think

@hugo tfw you can drink the entire cup and have a lil tummy hot water bottle

bin with a crossed out syringe (NO SHARPS) next to a bin with a crossed out joint (NO BLUNTS)

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Which direction does your icon face?

Please boost for highest possible demographic :)

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