building and trueing a bike wheel .... not simple

@xuv quick google suggests "voltage peak to peak" and links to this bad boy

my name is queen's counsel montoya. you called me a disgrace. prepare to die

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HIS HONOUR: Now, I expect fulsome [sic] submissions, including authorities and copies of whatever authorities that you rely on. This document can be returned from whence it has come. There should have been two applications; it’s what I directed this morning. It’s a further example of what I was talking about when we opened play this morning, Mr Page; you remember that?

[QUEEN’S COUNSEL FOR THE FATHER]: I will never forget that.

HIS HONOUR: I beg your pardon?

[QUEEN’S COUNSEL FOR THE FATHER]: I will not forget it, your Honour.

HIS HONOUR: What was it?

[QUEEN’S COUNSEL FOR THE FATHER]: I can’t recall at the moment - - -

HIS HONOUR: What was it? You’ve said that you will not forget it?

[QUEEN’S COUNSEL FOR THE FATHER]: You said that I was “a disgrace” - - -

HIS HONOUR: Wasn’t that.

[QUEEN’S COUNSEL FOR THE FATHER]: - - - and I will never forget that.

spending my 30th alone and in lockdown, but at least it's a beautiful day outside :toot:

one day i will update this instance in such a way that when you paste links to toots into discord they don't look like shit

@uxintro @pelagikat well shit there you go. it all makes sense.

i always mentally pictured a dropkick as someone getting a kick up the arse

@liamvhogan decided to take the rest of the arvo off and play video games instead. i will have to watch a bunch more videos so i don't screw it up

made myself mad trying to install disc brakes on my pushbike

@emmadavidson it's embarrassing how often this happens in our daily stand-ups, and we all work in IT

@pelagikat i accidentally felted one of my knitted beanies by washing it and throwing it in the dryer with a bunch of other things

while frank sinatra sings "stormy weather", the flies and spiders get along together, cobwebs fall on an old skipping record

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