@mike well, you're still proving to yourself that you're a functional person who can do things, it just happens that today's thing to do is stay inside

@mike what changed about today? i hope it's that you don't need to prove it to yourself anymore

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OH: "I know this Corona Virus stuff is scary, but I just want Henry Kissinger to die. I don’t care how."

upsides to removing tags on my gate and fence: no shitty tags on my gate and fence

downsides: graffiti remover melts my gloves and so my hands are covered in spray paint residue

@MattHatton hope you put camouflage netting over your toilet paper supplies. they're comin' for it

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we regret to inform you that snuggles.cute has casus belli with delicatepetals.soft

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imagine being so mad online that you start a war between your instance and another instance

@VictoriaBotter can you earring a brow? wouldn't it be a browring?

@chonkwitch i've always thought the cw system was clunky and led to unreadable threads

auspol.cafe has been upgraded to v3.1.2 :toot: 🔒

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you can have your own little "butlerian jihad" by getting drunk and throwing alexa in the trash

the federated timeline goes off sometimes. kind of like watching a distant star supernova

@mike ahh fair enough! that sucks :(
it's funny how brains are, i usually need to be doing two things at once

@mike when i'm listening to audiobooks i can do other things at the same time, and i don't have to set aside time for reading 😄

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