i'm not sure if the writer of this guardian piece is having a stroke or sending a secret message. either way where is the sub editor??

here's what fixya user john m. had to say about the convection microwave i bought from kmart yesterday. he's absolutely right too

i wrote a discord bot that generates an always sunny title card with arbitrary text and the chat is going off

turns out kinda breaks in endless mode 😂 managed to get one million coal and 9 years worth of rations

oh wait, its in a menu that you have to hunt to find. excellent usability

is it just me or has removed the option to repeat albums from their updated iOS ui?

Shayne Elliott, CEO of ANZ, out selling Big Issues on today, the day of the banking royal commission. I think someone's doing a bit of pre-emptive PR

damn you know the president is suffering from dementia when he tries to shake hands with the god damn play button

the data on this dashboard regarding the price of electricity right now in each state is insane. SA/Vic are paying 100x of what QLD/NSW are paying. prices are in MWh

looking forward to the inevitable dump of cleartext passwords from the RACV database when these are their password requirements😬

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