getting increasingly mad at the scientific rigour used to determine if old people smell

absolutely fucking slamming the godwin button to make my point

"OK Boomer now appears on phone cases, stickers, pins, and sweatshirts and on a range of products that say, “OK boomer, have a terrible day.” “‘If they do take it personally’,” according to one 17-year-old quoted in the piece, “‘it just further proves that they take everything we do as offensive.’” And yet one wonders if the public would be quite so amused by a logo that said: “OK Jews, have a terrible day.”"

@belljar it's so intentionally divisive.
Victims of the disrupter era and they don't know it

@belljar come on, that's a fair comparison, remember that time a nation tried to systematically wipe out the boomers

although this makes the time machine / baby hitler hypothetical potentially more interesting

@Kat, the dog one @http status code 418

If you go back in time and kill baby adolf I think you also indirectly prevent the post-war baby boom from happening. So it's all related.
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