reading (listening? it's an audiobook) a book by china mieville called "perdido street station", it's really really good. i don't usually read weird fiction but i really enjoyed "the city and the city" by china and decided to read the rest of his stuff.

my stomach has never lurched so much from an audiobook before, the visuals are incredible. can't put it down (pause it? it's an audiobook)

@belljar The City and the City is definitely my favourite Miéville book. Have you seen the miniseries TV adaptation?

Perdido Street Station (and the two Bas-Lag “sequels”) are amazing universe building.

I also recommend Embassytown; it really appealed to the linguist in me.

@futzle i haven't seen it yet! been meaning to but just haven't gotten around to it. keen to get into the rest of his stuff

@belljar Recommended: get them as ebooks so you can save time looking up the myriad words you won’t know.

@futzle i'm listening to embassytown at the moment, and it's really good! can't put this one down either 😱

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