one of the biggest problems with our approach to positive initiatives like reducing water consumption, fighting climate change, proper recycling etc. is that the onus is always placed entirely on the end user/private citizen

if you work in basically any industry for more than a couple of years, you can see that you can't trust people to do things properly, if at all

we'll never get to a great recycling target, reduce or reverse climate change, or see improvements in our water usage if we don't target the producers of things that harm the world

why put the responsibility on the individual to save the world, when we can regulate the production of the things that damage it in the first place

@belljar the reason it is like this is that nixon did his wage and price controls, which kept wages low and gave more money to those that produce large amounts of things. so they use that money to pay off politicians

good idea if you can get this to work though

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