what's for dinner, mastodon pals?

All credit to my talented wife. Best thing I can make without a packet/kit is a ham and cheese roll.

@belljar I think we’re doing tomato, capsicum, mozzarella and mushrooms, and maybe a little of something else

@belljar probably going to do a chicken curry, got some stuff in the fridge that needs using up.

About to do some corned beef in the slow cooker too, but that's for dinner tomorrow and sandwiches for the weekend.

@mike sounds like you've got your next few days sorted!

@belljar I'm working at a booth all election day so I need to be prepared. Probably a 7am - 9pm workday, and you can't leave until everything is secure and done. :awesome:

@belljar A tagine of vegetables, chickpeas and chorizo, served with toasted turkish bread and yoghurt.

@belljar Indeed it was! And there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow :)

@Andrea who said there's no such thing as a free meal

@belljar I believe it was Heinlein.

I suppose I could have eaten and run, but I'm staying for the talk. win:win.



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