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sunshine plays a major part in the daytime

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i was burned out by the birdsite and abandoned my account there a couple of years ago.

when i found out about mastodon i joined up with .social and read a lot more about what federation was and how it works. i thought it was a great way to have a birdsite alternative without any corporate bs. now it feels so much more than that

i've always tinkered around with my own blogs and servers, it seemed only natural to start my own instance, and here we are!

hopefully years more of it

building and trueing a bike wheel .... not simple

my name is queen's counsel montoya. you called me a disgrace. prepare to die

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HIS HONOUR: Now, I expect fulsome [sic] submissions, including authorities and copies of whatever authorities that you rely on. This document can be returned from whence it has come. There should have been two applications; it’s what I directed this morning. It’s a further example of what I was talking about when we opened play this morning, Mr Page; you remember that?

[QUEEN’S COUNSEL FOR THE FATHER]: I will never forget that.

HIS HONOUR: I beg your pardon?

[QUEEN’S COUNSEL FOR THE FATHER]: I will not forget it, your Honour.

HIS HONOUR: What was it?

[QUEEN’S COUNSEL FOR THE FATHER]: I can’t recall at the moment - - -

HIS HONOUR: What was it? You’ve said that you will not forget it?

[QUEEN’S COUNSEL FOR THE FATHER]: You said that I was “a disgrace” - - -

HIS HONOUR: Wasn’t that.

[QUEEN’S COUNSEL FOR THE FATHER]: - - - and I will never forget that.

spending my 30th alone and in lockdown, but at least it's a beautiful day outside :toot:

one day i will update this instance in such a way that when you paste links to toots into discord they don't look like shit

made myself mad trying to install disc brakes on my pushbike

while frank sinatra sings "stormy weather", the flies and spiders get along together, cobwebs fall on an old skipping record

power's finally back on after being off since 5am. nightmare

it's dumb that the best way to fit text to the width of an html element is to put it in an svg

i don't understand why scomo is trying to pit victoria against the rest of the country, instead of championing the covid response

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"Welcome to #CSS ! Do you want to make your website spin in circles and also give your background an animated gradient? We can do that!"

"Actually can I just put two divs next to each other?"

"... Well... The Web wasn't made for complex stuff like that, but there are some tedious workarounds you can try."

charging my kindle for the first time in years

disappointed that one of my favourite asmr artists has disappeared off the face of the planet. i can only justify the patreon payment for so many empty months will be down for about 15 minutes for maintenance 👷 🚧

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things that sound like australian colloquialisms but aren't:
* turbo
* bistro

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