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sunshine plays a major part in the daytime

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i was burned out by the birdsite and abandoned my account there a couple of years ago.

when i found out about mastodon i joined up with .social and read a lot more about what federation was and how it works. i thought it was a great way to have a birdsite alternative without any corporate bs. now it feels so much more than that

i've always tinkered around with my own blogs and servers, it seemed only natural to start my own instance, and here we are!

hopefully years more of it

react navigation v5 is so much better than v4. functional component and hook support, better interaction between the navigator and the screens, what more could you want 😍

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yeah... but i'm not a real hacker

*writes a personal information management system with cobbled together shell scripts*

i don't really know what i'm doing and

*assembles electronics out of junk parts on kitchen table*

besides, anyone could do this, i just followed some tutorials i found online

*creates art and music using esoteric properties of particular types of old tech*

it's nothing special.

is there anything more encouraging than a compliment from the dentist? my gums are strong and i feel great

is it just me or is the hardest part of UI design picking the right colours for your app

hello everyone will be down for approx. 5 mins due to maintenance 🚧 👷

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I really dig seeing so many Australian Mastodon instances in my feed...

Melb.Social / / / /

did craig david ever figure out what that person's flavour was

yarn 1: the javascript developers friend
yarn 2: nobody asked for any of this

that, and, the pedestrian really reminded me of the witness

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downloading the witness again because apparently i'm a masochist for puzzles

on the other hand though, i'm on book 9 of the wheel of time series and what tv could be better than this

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the only downside to listening to lots of audiobooks instead of bingeing netflix is missing out on tv chat with people at work

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i missed the hottest 100, because i slept in til 2 and then forgot

does triple j have a mastodon presence? i like following them on hottest 100 day

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"The Internet of Beefs" by Venkatesh Rao

Despite the irreverent tone, this is a pretty good breakdown of how social media fights work.

took next week off work. counting down the seconds until friday evening

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