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i was burned out by the birdsite and abandoned my account there a couple of years ago.

when i found out about mastodon i joined up with .social and read a lot more about what federation was and how it works. i thought it was a great way to have a birdsite alternative without any corporate bs. now it feels so much more than that

i've always tinkered around with my own blogs and servers, it seemed only natural to start my own instance, and here we are!

hopefully years more of it

i saw some people on here talking about a (self hosted? open source?) password manager that sounds cool but i can't remember what it was called. i think it was @mike talking about it. anyone know what i'm talking about?

stayed up to finish watching legion season 3. it ended well i think, way better than season 2 which just left me feeling uneasy

i saw a study recently that was discussing the impact of modern commercial air traffic on weather patterns in the local region.

they noted that due to the sheer volume of air traffic over southern europe, major disruptions in the amount of rainfall were recorded compared to previous years

their conclusion in this case was simple: the rain in spain falls mainly on the planes

looks like its just something to do with my vpn

having an issue where my home timeline and notifications timeline keep refreshing. is it an instance issue or a browser issue?

is anyone else on having any issues?

did you know that there's a pair of peregrine falcons that nest in an alcove of 367 collins st, melbourne? and that you can watch them hatch and raise their chicks LIVE?

prime minister? more like crime sinister


Putting a sticker over a computer menu because you don’t know how to change the menu is very 2019

The thing about Dorian Gray jokes is they honestly never get old

Searle's Chinese Room as a parable of IT project management

there was some downtime there, sorry about that. is back now, though :toot:

i don't know a lot about smart watches, are there any that let you install a face you developed on them? the biggest apple watch letdown is that they've never let us do this

Congrats to the FastMail folks for helping modernize and secure email comms for the 21st century.

We’re making email more modern with JMAP

The specifications for JMAP Email have been published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), marking a big victory for email tools now and in the future.

i went to the dentist this morning, got a filling in. now half my mouth is numb and doing absolutely anything is weird

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