looks like the left click on my microsoft sculpt mouse has started playing up. sometimes i have to hold the button down for a second or two before it realises it's being clicked. annoying! i don't want to have to go to the effort of returning it

when you work in a team of IT professionals who don't know what goatse is, are they really IT professionals?

oh wait, its in a menu that you have to hunt to find. excellent usability

is it just me or has removed the option to repeat albums from their updated iOS ui?

cash is not having a good week at all, no no no! first her scapegoat outed her chief of staff, tomorrow arvo she's been ordered by the senate to correct the record regarding her responses to questions in estimates, and on friday she's been compelled to testify in court regarding this snafu lmao

looking forward to seeing which party can provide derryn hinch the most expensive bottle of red wine in exchange for his vote in the senate today

when your brain is being eaten from the inside by a fat shit

russian doll was really fuckin good though

regrets: staying up well past my bed time to watch all of russian doll

these seem to be to be simple user friendly features that they could implement, but don't, for some reason

i don't know how they manage to fuck up things like jumping to a position on a page without loading the images first, so suddenly you're a lot higher on the page than you wanted to be

like seriously firefox, how hard is it to remember urls that i've been to and put them first on the list instead of all the way down at the bottom? just let me hit arrow down and enter

i was trying out firefox's developer edition for a few weeks. i'm back to chrome today, which is still miles ahead in address bar technology

back to work for the first time in two weeks. i shouldn't have gotten used to sleeping in past 12pm most days...😪

oh shiiit the they vote for you api looks sick too

i reckon with openaustralia.org.au's api, there's a good shot at making a politician-of-the-day mastodon bot

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