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looking for casual web dev work 

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It. Be. Live.

It's a Discord server for Queer Socialists, and socialist adjacent peeps.

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Bite my entire ass! Go legally brain dead from lack of oxygen from choking on my entire ass!

Are you a queer socialist who uses Discord? Come hang out, we're friendly.

One of my favorite things about workplace racism is pitching a good idea, only to have my white colleagues """mull it over""" (i.e.: "we dont believe this negro so we're gonna do the research holistically until we come to the same conclusion") and come to the same conclusion I did a fucking FORTNIGHT PRIOR.

Ohh. Oh, right. Tony Abbott was elected and we've had 7 years of extreme neoliberal bullshit since.

Hmm. I wonder what happened in September 2013 that might have caused regression.

Lol, remember when the AUD was worth more than the USD and the government was actually making progress on anything?

Shitposting about the latest in furry discourse 

i found this between the shelves down at the public library

Woke up from a nap to find a thread were people said that blocking/deplatforming Nazi is actually a far right move and equate being fair to Nazi?

That deplatforming is the same as DRM.
That developer shouldn't make choices, only users should.
That protocol level block is censure.


So I blocked 2 people including a mutual.

white man's burden:

Pretending nothing is wrong as shit becomes increasingly more fucked up for non-whites

mh - 

Went to the doc with my ADHD diagnosis, left with a referral for another psychologist and maybe a year long waiting list.

Asking for money :boost_ok:​ 

Flossbros be like 

The fear Nomi feels in the hospital, the gaslighting making her doubt everything.

Ah jeez, I had forgotten how much of the feels sense8 gave me.

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